My name is Rich Guenette. I started working with personal computers in 1981, the year the IBM PC came out. That year I founded something you don’t see in the United States anymore–a PC user group! I went on to write two home computer books, then spent several years in a corporate education center writing and teaching PC classes. This led to several jobs as a technical writer working for small software companies. In recent years I’ve moved away from technical writing and training to PC tech support and troubleshooting.

I’ve performed grant, proposal, and promotional writing, research projects, page layout, graphic and publication design, and created several websites. I’ve also done some programming in days past. DOSHELP & PC Historian were two programs of mine which ZDNet & SIMTEL used to have in their software libraries. I’ve had hardware training, been inside many PCs, and build them for myself and others. My interests include any technology that promises us new ways to learn and work!

Helping people work with new technologies requires balancing old and new within the mind. I work to imagine the future while addressing the present, to explore the fresh prospects tools provide for productive behavior.

These sentences were at the top of my resume for a long time. They reflect my belief that progress proceeds from the union of opposites. I’ve tried to unite opposites by following a middle path between end users and techies, an often thankless turf in today’s technical culture, I’m sorry to say.

Alternative Energy is another major focus for me. Years ago I created an Energy Yellow Pages for Hampshire County Massachusetts and went on to create a county energy office. Those activities exposed me to a wide spectrum of energy ideas. Since then I’ve made it my business to track developments in alternative energy, mixing in a few ideas of my own enroute.

ROOT SAUCE as a concept isn’t hard to explain. I consider myself a radical, not so much in the political as the original sense of the word: someone who tries to get to the root of a problem in the interest of really fixing it! That’s a spirit I try to be guided by.

Note On Root Sauce Banner. . .

The figure in my banner holding back the curtain is a graphic whimsy based on John Tenniel’s illustration of Lewis Carroll’s classic volume “Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland.”  Early in the first chapter Alice chases the white rabbit down its hole when “SHE CAME UPON A LOW CURTAIN she had not noticed before, and behind it was a little door about fifteen inches high: she tried the little golden key in the lock, and to her great delight it fitted!”  Passing through this door, Alice proceeds with her adventure in Wonderland.

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